Getting started

  1. Download and install your lamp or wamp environment, locally.
  2. Drop eval2.php somewhere inside your web directory
  3. If you want database connectivity: add a mysql user "user_drink" with password "thirsty". Limit its privileges to what you feel is appropriate - or - edit eval2.php and change the username / password lines.
  4. Point Firefox to eval2.php: http://localhost/eval2.php
Make sure to select the database
before trying mysql functions.

For database connectivity:

Edit $eval2_sql_user, $eval2_sql_pass in eval2.php


Add a localhost database user "user_drink" with password "thirsty"
(these are the default mysql u/p released with eval2)


Usage example:

A quick usage example can be found as a youtube video:

Color scheme

Hate it? use /eval2.php?df=ff00ff&db=00ff00&cf=0000ff&cb=ff00ff where:

Saving your code

Eval2 has the ability to load code from the $_GET string - a web page parameter. For example, going to this url such as this one will auto-populate your code text box:

This essentially allows you to save snippets of code as web browser bookmarks. When code is pre-loaded in this way, eval2 disables direct keystroke execution to prevent accidents. Test your code storage limits please.